Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super bowl fans

  • (Not really.
  • (ESPN)
  • It wasnt even fair for the New England Patriots. The Chicago Bears were dominating, with one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, a cocky assured quarterback in Jim McMahan and a catchy song and dance routine.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • The 2011 Carolina Panthers (6-10) were this close to earning their second trip to the Super Bowl in franchise history this season, but they came up a bit short in the end.
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  • Though most people will never attend a single Super Bowl, there are three men who have seen them all.
  • (NPR News)
  • Loretta Lofgren hates the Super Bowl. She doesnt understand why her husband, John, will spend so much time sitting in front of a television, watching a silly, stupid game, oblivious to everything else.
  • (Detroit Free Press)
  • INDIANAPOLIS – MVP quarterbacks on marquee franchises. A rematch of a nail-biter from four years ago, featuring many of the same key characters. Madonna and plenty of Manning – Eli, and Peyton, too.
  • (The Spokesman-Review)
  • Super Bowl organizers in Indianapolis say they plan to change their approach towards crowd control Saturday night after Fridays human gridlock.
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  • FORT WORTH, Tx. February 5, 2012 – Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Football fans have been waiting for the last six months.
  • (Washington Times)
  • PURCHASE, N.Y., Jan. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PepsiCo today released details about its iconic Pepsi ad to air during Super Bowl XLVI, which will be broadcast on NBC.
  • (Yahoo Finance)

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