Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super bowl fans

  • It wasnt even fair for the New England Patriots. The Chicago Bears were dominating, with one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, a cocky assured quarterback in Jim McMahan and a catchy song and dance routine.
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  • Giants, 27-17. Jay Kamery (Bills fan) -- Eli Manning will never be an elite quarterback and this Super Bowl will prove it. Patriots 106, Giants -2 or Pats, 28-10. Ed Laubach (Redskins fan) --Eli continues to emerge from Peytons shadow.
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  • Super Bowl organizers in Indianapolis say they plan to change their approach towards crowd control Saturday night after Fridays human gridlock.
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  • Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Aaron Magness plans to watch the Super Bowl this weekend on his 55-inch screen television, with an iPhone in one hand and an iPad at his hip.
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  • The 2011 Carolina Panthers (6-10) were this close to earning their second trip to the Super Bowl in franchise history this season, but they came up a bit short in the end.
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  • Friday nights human gridlock in Super Bowl Village for the LMFAO concert prompted Indianapolis Metro Police to shut down several additional streets for crowd control. Some fans said they couldnt get within a block of the music and turned around.
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  • So, for todays game, compa­nies from Coke to Chevrolet are trying to reach fans on all the second screens they have.
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  • How many rabid New England Patriots fans are actually going to enjoy themselves at Super Bowl parties tonight? I ask this question because I will have trouble enjoying myself.
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  • If you are a fan of a bad NFL team, Super Bowl Sunday is a particularly bleak day on the calendar. Worse, you know that your team didn't have a shot at this game from even before the season began. You watch the NFL.
  • (Washington Post)
  • New England Patriots Rush Ahead of New York Giants with 50% More Yahoo! Searches Source: YAHOO (Feb. 2, 8:15 AM) WASHINGTON--GEICO encourages Super Bowl fans to play it safe on the roads Source: GEICO (Feb. 2, 6:00 AM) LOUISVILLE, Ky.
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