Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 2012

  • The 2012 Super Bowl is not expected to be a blowout. But there was a time when football fans like myself were praying for the Super Bowl to be in doubt by halftime, thanks to a series of blowouts in the early to mid 1990s.
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  • Gerald Austins message to his crew before the two Super Bowls he worked as head referee was not especially profound. Nor did it touch on the fact they would be on stage in one of the worlds most-watched events.
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  • But it doesnt matter what we think. Were not celebrities. Were regular folks. Normies, if you will. Luckily for us, celebrities have cast their picks for the big game, too. Their picks are worth much more than all of ours put together.
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  • Never ask an Americans that do they watch any Super Bowl game as they are inseparable and don't you even dare to talk anything against this event otherwise you might end facing the wrath of American cuss words.
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  • At tonight's Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, she'll will perform for an estimated 117 million viewers. Has Madonna Louise Ciccone, free spirit and ex-pat, ended up being as all-American as Tom Brady? Her performance, naturally, isn't without controversy.
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  • INDIANAPOLIS — When the text came from the manager of Leggett's, his favorite Jersey Shore bar, Mike Murphy joked that he had made it: Putting a dog on our Super Bowl menu. It's called the Murph Dog.
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  • Related Pick, dont pick on, the Patriots in the Super Bowl Giants vs.
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  • Bur what are the other most anticipated TV commercials during todays Super Bowl XLVI (kickoff at 6:30 p.m., NBC). With more than 111 million fans expected to watch this years Big Game, the Super Bowl is an advertisers biggest stage.
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