Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Brown

  • WASHINGTON -- The pending extension of the popular payroll tax holiday may have been a debacle for most Republicans in Congress, but it could be seen as a vindication -- even a boon -- to one: Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has apparently decided the best way to beat challenger Elizabeth Warren is to follow the crazy in the culture war over birth control. He announced earlier in the week that he supported Sen.
  • U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has co-sponsored a bill that would allow health plans to deny coverage both for contraception and any service that violates the planners' beliefs. It was a huge mistake.
  • (Boston Herald)
  • Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and his chief 2012 rival Elizabeth Warren made history when they signed a "People's Pledge" to limit the influence of third party interest groups and Super PACs in their hotly watched Senate race.
  • (ABC News)
  • US Senator Scott Brown, who hopes to garner reelection support from the state's large Irish-American population, has become a central player in a battle to allow more Irish workers to come to America.
  • (Boston Globe)
  • (NECN: Jim Braude) – The top story is a war of words in the contest for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Tuesday, a new poll showed Scott Brown Elizabeth Warren in a statistical tie.
  • (NECN)
  • On the night of his upset win over Martha Coakley two years ago, Brown pledged "to go to Washington as the representative of no faction or special interest, but to answer only to my conscience and to you, the people.
  • (Cape Cod Today)
  • A national debate over health care coverage and birth control spilled into Massachusetts Wednesday, with U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren slamming each other over the issue. Brown, R-Mass.
  • (Sun Chronicle)
  • The funds were obtained by Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown, along with Congressmen Richard E. Neal, John Tierney and Stephen F. Lynch. "This is huge for us," said Fire Chief Scott Duffey, regarding the grant money.
  • (Abington Mariner)

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