Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ron paul results

  • All day Pauls supporters have been reporting their caucus results as well as the number of Paul friendly delegates elected to the state convention.
  • (Boston Globe)
  • This also demonstrates Ron Paul's competitive edge against the sitting president said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. The results are based on telephone interviews conducted Jan.
  • (Yahoo Finance)
  • Ron Paul, after largely ignoring the primary campaign in Florida, was ignored by the states voters tonight, pulling in a scant 7 percent of the vote and finishing last among the four remaining Republican contenders.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • The following are the dates for the 2012 Republican presidential primaries and their results. All are Tuesdays unless otherwise noted: Jan.
  • (United Press International)
  • On Tuesday, Florida Republicans went to the polls to vote for the GOP Presidential nominee. Mitt Romney won that race, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul lost - gathering 7 percent of the vote. But some of Ron Pauls supporters feel theyve been had.
  • (Examiner)
  • Dillard claims Gingrich shook his hand, but turned away when he saw Dillards Ron Paul t-shirt. As Gingrich posed for pictures with supporters, Dillard resumed holding his sign.
  • (Sun Sentinel)
  • Ron Paul told hundreds of cheering supporters in a stuffy hotel said she was disappointed by the Florida results. But she remains a staunch Paul supporter, because you support who you believe in, and your belief isnt going to change….
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is making a big push to win Minnesotas precinct Minnesotas precinct caucuses are mostly a beauty contest since Tuesdays straw poll results do not bind the delegates at the convention.
  • (

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