Monday, February 13, 2012

Rick santorum

  • A day after Mitt Romney regained some momentum in the Republican presidential contest, rival Rick Santorum has gone on the attack.
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  • Rick Santorum, who wrested some momentum from Mitt Romney by winning primary contests in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri, likes to cast himself as something of an expert on Iran, which has arguably become the top foreign-policy issue in the campaign.
  • (Newsday)
  • John Wilkins finds some irony in press coverage critical of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.
  • (Forbes)
  • Chuck Norris wants everyone to know the facts about Rick Santorum.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Rick Santorum is now neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney in two national polls, reflecting the former Pennsylvania senators surge in the past week as well as a slide for Romney among the most conservative voters.
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  • Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romneys Indiana co-chairman could decide whether opponent Rick Santorum makes it onto the states May primary ballot.
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  • Virginia Gov.
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  • Santorums lead, though, is tenuous. More Romney voters say theyre committed to Mitt than Santorum voters to Rick, and as pollster Tom Jensen notes, weve see this before.
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  • Rick Santorum says women shouldnt serve in combat, but hes happy to have his wife jump on a grenade for him.
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  • LANSING, Mich. -- Rick Santorum has moved well ahead of Mitt Romney in a new poll of Michigan voters released Monday that casts doubts on Romneys perceived advantage as a native son of the Great Lakes State.
  • (New York Post)

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