Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rick Perry super pac

  • Rick Perry wants to start a new political action committee using It requests permission to create a federal PAC, possibly even a super PAC that would be able to collect unlimited donations from wealthy individuals.
  • (USA Today)
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be out of the presidential race, but his campaign committee has some cash left in the bank – and he wants to put it to use. RickPerry.
  • (Chicago Tribune)
  • Rick Perry wants to use money left over from his failed presidential bid to form a political action committee supporting other candidates. Perrys campaign has written to the Federal Election Commission asking about forming a PAC or super PAC.
  • (Syracuse Post-Standard)
  • Former presidential candidate Rick Perry has asked the Federal Election Commission for permission to use the money he has left in his presidential campaign committee to start a PAC or super PAC, Politico reports.
  • (
  • Rick Perrys looking to get into the super PAC game.
  • (Daily Beast)
  • Presidential candidates come and go, but, like corporations, political action committees have a life of their own.
  • (San Diego weekly Reader)
  • The super PAC, called the Red White and Blue (RWB Then it was me against Herman Cain. Then it was me against Rick Perry. Then me against Newt Gingrich. And now it seems to be me against Rick Santorum.
  • (CBS News)
  • Reporting from Washington — A veritable who's who of wealthy Texans poured money into a "super PAC" backing Texas Gov. Rick Perry before his presidential bid collapsed this month, along with nearly a dozen corporations, new campaign finance filings show.
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • By the summer, Bob Perry was back in Rick Perrys corner, giving $100,000 to Make Us Great Again. The Mostyn Law Firm of Houston provided the entire $125,000 in funding for an anti-Perry super PAC, Texans for Americas Future.
  • (News-Democrat)
  • the Federal Election Commission pointed out that Larose was not authorized to use Rick Perrys name.
  • (

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