Saturday, February 4, 2012


  • Less than a week after Cecil Fielder suggested the strained relationship with his son, Prince, was being repaired, Fielder told reporters Friday night he is "disappointed" with the Tigers first baseman.
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  • Im stuck in a bad relationship. I think youre stuck in a bad relationship too. In fact, I think were all stuck in a bad relationship. And Ill tell you why. Starting with a little story. Two planets walk into a bar.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • How many of us have learned how to build loving relationships? Where did we learn? At home? At school? There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
  • (Psych Centra)
  • The local Indian film market currently ranks number one in the world for attendance and film production with over 1,000 films produced a year and approximately 90% of revenues derived from non-English language movies.
  • (Yahoo Finance)
  • One of the issues that plagued the New York Jets as their regular season imploded appeared to be team chemistry.
  • (NFL)
  • SAN JOSE, CA — Zidelity® has launched a website ( that offers a new tool to assist individuals in achieving honest, committed relationships.
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  • (Yahoo Finance)
  • GAINESVILLE, Ga.  — State officials have fired a correctional officer they say had an inappropriate relationship with an Athens teenager who was being held in the Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center.
  • (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  • "The collaboration we're talking about is opportunities to work together going forward, and that may or may not be a funding relationship," said Ronni Cohen-Boyar, executive director of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Massachusetts.
  • (Boston Herald)
  • Youve tamed the laundry, hit a home run at work and dished up a family dinner. Forget anything? Oh, right -- your partner! Its easy to simply co-exist with the person next to you in bed.
  • (Huffington Post)

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