Monday, February 20, 2012

Proview apple ipad

  • Apples dispute over the iPad trademark deepened Monday after the Chinese company that claims ownership of the name said it won a court ruling against sales of the popular tablet computer in China.
  • (AP -
  • Proview has since asked commerce departments of some 40 cities to do the same, said the companys lawyer Roger Xie, from law firm Grandall. In the meantime, Apples legion of fans in China are resorting to other means of getting hold of an iPad.
  • (Times of India)
  • Ma reiterated that it was foreseeable that the trademark right of iPad in the Chinese mainland would be owned by Proview Shenzhen.
  • (
  • Amazons (Nasdaq: AMZN) Chinese website is no longer offering Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPads for sale.
  • (TechNewsWorld)
  • A new report claims Amazon removed the iPad from its Chinese website at Apples request because it is not an authorized reseller, not because of pressure from a high-profile ongoing trademark dispute between Apple and Proview.
  • (Apple Insider)
  • Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. can use some documents filed previously by Proview International Holdings Ltd. in the Hong Kong courts, aiding the iPad maker's efforts in a trademark dispute over the tablet computer's name in China.
  • (Businessweek)
  • The dispute between Proview and Apple over the iPad trademark heated up on Friday when Proview said it would sue the US tech giant for a violation of their agreement by using the trademark to compete against it.
  • (China.Org)
  • BEIJING, CHINA: Chinese retailers have stopped sales of Apples iPad as the trademark dispute between Apple and the China-based tech company Proview intensified.
  • (CIOL Network)
  • ProView is attempting to extort up to $2 billion out of Apple on this claim even after Apple settled with the company in 2010 for about $50,000 per country in order to secure the iPad trademark.
  • (Boston Globe)
  • (Reuters) - A Chinese tech firm claiming to own the iPad trademark plans to seek a ban on shipments of Apple Incs computer tablets into and out of China, a lawyer for the company, Proview Technology (Shenzhen), said on Tuesday.
  • (Yahoo Finance)

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