Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama contraception

  • LINCOLN, Neb. -- Seven states are asking a federal judge to block an Obama administration mandate that requires birth control coverage for employees of religious-affiliated hospitals, schools and outreach programs. The lawsuit in U.S.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • I share at least one attribute of the Catholic Bishops, now at war with the Obama administration: I dont want to talk about contraception, either.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Michelle Obama is being billed as the featured attraction in house parties her husband's re- election campaign is organizing around the country tomorrow to try to boost his support among women voters.
  • (Businessweek)
  • Michigan's Attorney General and six other states filed a lawsuit today against the Obama administration over its contraception mandate for health care plans.
  • (Detroit Free Press)
  • Joining forces with six other states, Florida is suing President Barack Obama's mandate that health insurance policies include coverage for contraceptives, sterilizations and related services.
  • (Miami Herald)
  • Think about that one for a moment. The Obama administration is including contraception coverage as part of preventive health care for Americans -- a decision a clear majority of the country heartily supports.
  • (MaddowBlog)
  • Obama also gained support among women during a period in which his administration seemed to stumble over whether religious employers should be forced to pay for contraception.
  • (Sacramento Bee)
  • And Santorum could erode his lead if he continues to veer off-message about the nations economy - consistently the most pressing concern among voters in the poll - and presses forward on social issues like contraception and women in the military.
  • (Philadelphia Daily News)
  • The Lenten season is a time for Catholics to reflect, fast, pray and come together, but the Obama administration's recent contraception mandate is dividing the community. Individual beliefs are blurring government and religious practices.
  • (Salon)
  • but earlier this month the president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod told the U.S. House that he will "stand with our friends in the Catholic Church" in opposition to a recent government ruling on contraception. History aside, the Rev.
  • (Washington Post)

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