Thursday, February 2, 2012

No-fly list

  • The size of the US governments secret list of suspected terrorists who are banned from flying to or within the country has more than doubled in the past year.
  • (The Guardian)
  • The US no-fly list of suspected terrorists has more than doubled in the past year, according to the Associated Press.
  • (GlobalPost)
  • The International Republican Institute's country director, Sam LaHood—coincidentally, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's son—was barred from leaving the country this weekend and is on a no-fly list along with four other IRI employees.
  • (
  • NEWARK — Three metropolitan area airports landed on a no-fly list this week, with terminals at each being named among the worst in the world.
  • (
  • The regulation is part of a wider set of rules, equivalent to the U.S.'s "no-fly" list, that was put into place by Canada's Conservative Minister of Transportation, Denis Lebel.
  • (Washington Post)
  • Sam LaHood said last week that three other employees of his organisation were on the no-fly list; two American and one European.
  • (The Guardian)
  • Right now, they are a set of rules implemented unilaterally by Canadas Ministry of Transportation as part of the fairly ambiguous Passenger Protect, which is Canadas version of a no-fly list.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • LaHood, director of the Egyptian program for the International Republican Institute, was stopped in Cairo last Saturday when he tried to leave the country and was told he was on a "no-fly list.
  • (New York Post)
  • Its bad enough a month ago there was a raid on our headquarters in the country, and then they had people brought in for questioning, and now theres this no-fly list, says Lorne Craner, president of the International Republican Institute.
  • (USA Today)

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