Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nevada caucus results

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  • If you've come looking for results from the Nevada caucuses, you may need to take a deep breath and wait. Most Republicans who participate in the caucuses will cast their ballots by noon PST (or 3 p.m.
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  • No surprise: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is the overwhelming victor in Nevada's caucuses, supported by a politically-active Mormon base but dominating across demographic groups.
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  • The GOP caucus in Nevada is also the first nationwide to release results strictly via social media — through Twitter and Google Maps.
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  • As results from the Nevada Republican presidential caucuses trickle in, tallies from one county – a big one – are notably tardy.
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  • Gingrich downplayed the Nevada results, pointing out that Romney, a Mormon, did well in a very heavily Mormon state, a state which he carried in 2008. And that Paul has a substantial advantage in any caucus states because of his organization.
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  • Las Vegas is home to casinos, over-the-top entertainment and lots of outrageous bets. But it's probably no gamble to say that Mitt Romney is favored in Saturday's Nevada caucuses after his crushing Florida victory last weekend.
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  • The number of polls conducted ahead of a primary or caucus is often a good something of a halfhearted effort in Nevada — and campaigns like that are often at risk of underachieving their polls.
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  • further delaying election results from Nevadas most populous county. Part of the trouble was some Paul supporters told voters they could show up for the late-night caucus at a suburban Jewish private school for whatever reason.
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