Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Presidents

  • Click Show Caption to see the rankings and commentary! Like a lot of people who grew up watching films in the 1980s or 1990s, I've become accustomed to low expectations for U.S. leaders in the movies.
  • (San Francisco Gate)
  • The movie was slated by critics, prior to its release last week, yet still raked in over $25,000,000 on Presidents Day Weekend.
  • (Contactmusic.com)
  • In honor of the Presidents Day holiday week in progress, I cooked up a quick editorial of my list of the top movie Presidents.
  • (Examiner)
  • If you know of a better so-bad-its-good horror movie about a U.S. president, please let me know.
  • (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Presidents Circle, University of Utah campus, Salt Lake City. Show starts at 7 p.m. tonight, Wednesday and Thursday. Tickets are $9 each night, at the Kingsbury website.
  • (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • It's President's Day. Kids are out of school. Maybe you've got the day off work.
  • (Examiner)
  • It is if the movie youre watching is Miracle It brings us back to a time when Jimmy Carter was president and ice hockey could be considered a metaphor for the cold war.
  • ("Miracle" - YAHOO!)
  • "The site can help movie fans prove whether they are just a casual movie fan or a die-hard film geek," adds Juan Carlos Martinez, President of Filmbuffet.
  • (Houston Chronicle)

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