Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mo primary

  • The Missouri primary is the only so-called "beauty contest" in the Republican presidential race this year. But it might be remembered as where things got a little ugly for Mitt Romney.
  • (Washington Post)
  • Get ready for plenty of sound and fury, signifying almost nothing, after Republican voters caucus in Minnesota and Colorado and cast ballots in a statewide primary in Missouri today.
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • Thanks to in-state political disputes and a slow-moving legislature, today's Missouri presidential primary has been reduced to an afterthought.
  • (ABC News)
  • The political maxim every vote counts may ring pretty hollow in Missouri on Tuesday.
  • (RealClearPolitics)
  • Santorum triumphed, as well, in a nonbinding Missouri primary that was worth bragging rights but no national convention delegates.
  • (
  • Santorum was victorious, as well, in a nonbinding Missouri primary that was worth bragging rights but no delegates. A jubilant Santorum declared to cheering supporters in St. Joseph, Mo.
  • (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  • No delegates were at stake on Tuesday night, but Rick Santorum still scored three important--and surprisingly large--victories in the race for the Republican presidential nomination by winning caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota and a primary in Missouri.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • Rick Santorum dealt Mitt Romney a setback Tuesday night, winning the presidential primary in Missouri as Republicans in three states voted on a day that could produce a shift in the momentum of the 2012 race.
  • (WHNT-TV)
  • The former Pennsylvania senators wins in the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and Missouri primary were setbacks for Romney, the national front-runner, who had been expected to cruise easily through a series of relatively minor February voter tests.
  • (Chicago Tribune)
  • This is where youll find the results for Missouris 2012 Republican primary. The Show-Me States contest is non-binding, which means that none of Missouris 52 delegates will be allocated to any of the candidates on Tuesday night.
  • (Huffington Post)

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