Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mitt romney

  • We talked yesterday about why the 2002 Olympic games, run by Mitt Romney, has become an awkward political story for the Republican presidential hopeful.
  • (MaddowBlog)
  • Republican voters are facing a stark choice in the remaining state contests to pick a nominee to challenge President Barack Obama — a decision between the traditional, business-friendly Mitt Romney or the hard-charging social conservatism of Rick Santorum.
  • (AP - msnbc.com)
  • Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is returning to Metro Detroit today, hoping to shore up support in what may or may not be a must-win state for the Michigan native.
  • (MLive.com)
  • WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney is working overtime to regain his magic in his native Michigan — and there were signs Tuesday the tactic may be working.
  • (New York Daily News)
  • Just in time for tomorrows final debate before Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney is surging in Michigan, his home state where hed been badly trailing Rick Santorum for the Republican primary one week from today.
  • (Investors Business Daily)
  • Republican media consultant Larry McCarthy bears little resemblance to Batman. At 59, with thinning hair, a whitening beard and a spreading belly, he hardly seems ready to leap into the fray and beat the living daylights out of bad guys.
  • (Daily Beast)
  • But two decades after her conversion while a college student in the U.S., the 43-year-old Packard finds herself on a new mission: defeating Mitt Romney and any Mormon politician who betrays what she sees as a basic Mormon principle of protecting immigrants.
  • (Florida Today)
  • WASHINGTON -- As he remains stuck in a four-way race for the Republican presidential nomination, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romneys financial advantage is beginning to erode. His campaign raised only $6.
  • (Huffington Post)

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