Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Minnesota poll

  • WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, Republicans will attend precinct caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and vote in a non-binding primary in Missouri.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • A new poll today shows Rick Santorum poised for a big day in todays GOP presidential contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.
  • (USA Today)
  • Hot on the heels of Mitt Romney's big win in Nevada come two more caucuses and another primary on Tuesday, in which no delegates will get directly assigned to any candidate.
  • (Hotair.com)
  • A new poll of Minnesota Republicans shows a volatile electorate in advance of Tuesdays presidential contest.
  • (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
  • Santorums time as a U.S.
  • (United Press International)
  • Ron Paul of Texas. Democrats also will gather in caucus meetings, but the big event of the night will be the Republicans presidential straw poll. There are no delegates up for grabs at the Minnesota Republican Party caucuses, only bragging rights.
  • (Marketplace.publicradio.org)
  • But nevertheless it looks like Santorum has a decent chance at wins in Minnesota and Missouri, and a second place finish in Colorado. 72 hours from now he may have supplanted Gingrich as the top alternative to Romney.
  • (Washington Times)
  • Despite being off last weekend, not much changed for Minnesota. The same cant be said for the rest of college hockey.
  • (SB Nation)
  • U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hoping to solidify his frontrunner status for the Republican partys nomination with strong showings in caucuses Tuesday in Colorado and Minnesota. Romney appears poised to win in Colorado.
  • (Voice of America)
  • Tuesday, February 7 will be a busy one as RightPundits hosts a live blog to cover the 2012 Colorado and Minnesota caucuses, plus the Missouri primary.

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