Thursday, February 16, 2012

Military alternative medicine

  • Army doctors have been told by the top brass to rethink their pill for every ill approach to treating pain.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • The military hopes to win over skeptics Medicine New academic studies from places like Duke University back up acupuncture as an alternative to medication.
  • (NPR News)
  • In email messages seen by this website, supporters of alternative medicine, including Blackmores and the Complementary its system incorporated multiple layers of security and military-grade encryption techniques.
  • (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Dr. Crapo is an expert on alternative medicine, nutrition, sex College of Dentistry (MUC); Riyadh Military Hospital; King Khalid Hospital; King Faisal Specialist Hospital; as well as Saudi TV and print media representatives.
  • (Saudi Gazette)
  • Activists and trade unions have announced 11 February as a day of general strike and civil disobedience in Egypt – in protest against continued military rule gas cylinder distribution centres. The alternative is to buy the gas cylinder for $6.
  • (
  • Scholarships are available for Military Veteran Women's Healing Retreat and in trauma and the treatment of trauma for veterans using complementary and alternative medicine.
  • (CSR Wire)
  • Greece got rid of its military dictators in July 1974 Fear is the strongest force keeping the alternative – default, bankruptcy and eurozone expulsion – at bay.
  • (The Guardian)
  • A recent study performed by the U.S. military looked at more than 250 cases Wreden are medical directors of Sutter Downtown Integrative Medicine program. Have a question related to alternative medicine? Email
  • (Seattle Times)
  • We have reproduced Mr.
  • (Cocorioko)

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