Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mile high club

  • CINCINNATI - It is one of the most exclusive clubs out there and someone you know might have already joined. But it is certainly not for everyone. Were talking about the Mile High Club and an Ohio business that - well - makes that happen.
  • (WXYZ)
  • Membership may seem like a joke to most, but one U.S. airline has been taking Flights of Fancy seriously for several years. Ohios Flamingo Air invites adventurous lovers to give someone a flight they wont forget. For $425.
  • (CBC)
  • Servers aside, you'll have the plane to the two of you, with BA amping up the ick goo factor with rose petals and fairy lights in the cabin.
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  • JASPER, Ind. — More than a championship football team will be crowned this week in Indianapolis. For those who like to eat, its a contest worth watching — online voting to determine Indianas best sandwich.
  • (Evansville Courier-Press)
  • It's a definite no-no to join the "Mile High Club" on commercial flights, but that's not necessarily the case on a private plane in Ohio. WLWT reporter Laura Borchers says the aircraft is especially popular on Valentine's Day.
  • (Cleveland News - Fox 8)
  • A partnership to promote the Capitol Mile run on New Years Day resulted in some pocket money for the West Salem High School running programs.
  • (Statesman Journal)
  • With 35 individual horses competing in the five heats that began in October 2011 the inaugural running of the Caduceus Club Mile High Mares Series has already been a great harness success story.
  • (Harness
  • Airline pilots are the most eligible bachelors according to a recent online survey.
  • (courtesy of Cabair - YAHOO!)
  • The Schnitzelbank Restaurants Bratwurst in Jasper topped the Mile High Club from Rock Cola '50s Cafe in Indianapolis. The competition was designed to bring attention and business to restaurants in Indiana.
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