Monday, February 27, 2012

Michigan poll

  • New polls show Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are deadlocked in Michigan, on the eve of a pair of key primaries that will boost their claims to the GOP presidential nomination.
  • (USA Today)
  • Mitt Romney is neck and neck with Rick Santorum in Michigan on the eve of the state's primary, a new poll found. The Public Policy Polling survey found that the former Massachusetts governor edged former Sen.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • The battle between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney looks like it will go down to the wire in Michigan with polls showing the vote remains too close to call.
  • (Marketwatch)
  • The poll undercuts Romneys electability argument against Santorum just one day ahead of a critical primary in Michigan. Nationally, Santorum beats Mr. Obama 49 percent to 46 percent, the poll shows, while Romney ties with the president at 47 percent.
  • (CBS News)
  • As the GOP presidential candidates battle for votes in Michigan we are on the ground covering the developing story.
  • (Behind The Scenes Pictures - FOX News)
  • polling-based forecasts of the Michigan Republican primary. The forecast model has now become more confident in that conclusion, in fact, because two new polls released on Sunday night also showed an advantage for Mr. Romney.
  • (New York Times)
  • LANSING, Mich. -- Mitt Romney is neck and neck with Rick Santorum in Michigan on the eve of the states primary, according to a new poll.
  • (Pocono Record)
  • Although Michigan is the state where Romney was born, he is having difficulty winning the support of social conservative voters who are rallying behind Santorum.
  • (Voice of America)
  • Boosted by a solid debate performance, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has reclaimed the lead in his all-important home state of Michigan with just days to go before voters head to the polls there.
  • (
  • A poll-battered Mitt Romney faces a crucial test in his home state of Michigan tomorrow, though a win won't lock up the nomination and defeat could bring convention chaos this fall, political observers and even one key supporter warned yesterday.
  • (Boston Herald)

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