Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madonna w.e. review

  • Madonna releases her newest directorial movie effort, W.E., in a limited U.S. release on Feb. 3 in the comic adaptation Dick Tracy. She received good reviews for her performance in the movie as the femme fatale.
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  • One positive thing to be said about Madonna's new movie, "W.E.," is that it is leagues better than her first directing effort, the 2008 "Filth and Wisdom." But then many things are, periodontal surgery among them.
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  • Starring Andrea Riseborough, James D'Arcy and Abbie Cornish. Directed by Madonna. 119 minutes. Opens Feb. 3 at the Carlton. 14A Madonna's W.E.
  • (Toronto Star)
  • Madonnas new single is flopping. Its getting bad reviews. 2. Madonna is a has-been. Lady Gaga is more current. 3. WE is getting really bad reviews. 4. Madonna is a copycat, not Lady Gaga. 5. Madonnas Super Bowl show was awful. 6.
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  • Madonna may be getting ready for her big Super Bowl half time show on Sunday. But her movie, "W.E." has opened to the worst reviews of her entire horridso called film career. "W.E.
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  • Also read: Madonnas W.E. Should Have Been Called Whiny Wallis Dr. Luke's name isn't on the production – Martin Solveig's is – but the mixture of rock rhythm-guitar riffs, gurgling electronics, and harmonic cheer bears his mark.
  • (TheWrap)
  • Its an incredible love story. Lady Jane Digby. Its a comedy. The upcoming project aside, Madonna has been receiving positive reviews for her work in W.E. The movie helped her win a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.
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  • Madonna gave her daughter Lourdes a small role in her new The singer/actress/director told MTV she ended up having to cut the scene from the film W.E., which opens Friday.
  • (Inside Bay Area)
  • Madonna had sent Riseborough the W.E. script after seeing her Bafta-nominated performance Obviously its delightful if people like what youre doing, but I dont read any of reviews.
  • (BBC News)
  • Madonna makes her feature film debut as director and co-screenwriter of W.E. The film intercuts the love story of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII with a modern-day tale of a woman obsessed by Wallis. A N Wilson reviews.
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