Sunday, February 19, 2012

London Olympic Park Cleanup

  • With the 2012 Summer Olympics only months away, Londons Olympic venues are taking shape. Among the citys many transformations is the construction of the Olympic Park in a once-polluted industrial area.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Work to clean up the Olympic site in Stratford, east London, and create the largest urban park in Britain for more than 100 years has been completed, the Environment Agency has said.
  • (The Guardian)
  • WORLD champion Sally Pearson showed her London Olympic campaign is hurdle at Sydney Olympic Park. The 25-year-old clocked 12.
  • (
  • The Velodrome from the Parklands area in the Olympic Park The soil clean-up was part of a four-pronged plan by the 'What I hope we've managed to achieve here is a new place in London that people will want to come to.
  • (
  • One of the Olympic rings out that the land the park has been built on was previously heavily contaminated and is now home to large quantities of greenery. The Environment Agency announced on Monday that the clean-up work is complete.
  • (The Guardian)
  • In all honesty, it still looks more like a building site than a verdant park. But come the summer - assuming long partnership between the agency and the Olympics Delivery Authority (ODA) has been a clean-up on a massive scale.
  • (BBC News)
  • London, here I come, she said despite knocking over the final hurdle at Sydney Olympic Park. The 25-year-old clocked 12.
  • (The Canberra Times)
  • London could soon be treated to a new raft of daftly signing a seven-year deal with a leading bank – and a resurgent City could clean up similarly in the Olympic Park.
  • (Londonist)
  • A bid to clean up almost 20 miles of East Londons rivers and canals ahead of the Olympics During the Games, spectators will have the opportunity to travel by boat along canals to the Olympic Park.
  • (Rutland and Stamford Mercury)

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