Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learn music

  • NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Country Music Association is helping thousands of students learn music in school to the tune of $1.4 million.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks. But can you teach an old guitarist new licks? How about an old nonguitarist — not even a musician? Gary Marcus isnt that old.
  • (NPR News)
  • This past summer, Zenph Sound Innovations had a problem. Zenph is a North Carolina-based company specializing in computer-generated "re-performances" of classic recordings with astounding results.
  • (Salon)
  • But they may be surprised at just how young an age children are learning about music through active participation in classes.
  • (Observer Today)
  • The Legislature has funded other early learning programs like optional extended-day kindergarten Animated characters guide the study, sometimes including songs and music. All told, UPSTART has reached more than 3,000 homes since it began.
  • (Deseret News)
  • Toy tech brand LeapFrog is expanding its line-up of educational kiddy gadgets with a handheld, portable music player that looks like an iPod classic, but for pre-schoolers.
  • (
  • And theyre quite weird. Things got even weirder when Rumer dove into music seriously. When I was about 18 I started to write a few songs where I thought, this is quite good, she remembers. Later on I spent time learning structure and song writing.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • O'Connor also oversees the university's Community Arts Academy, which provides opportunities for children and adults to take music lessons. Learning to play new instruments has given O'Connor a happier, healthier life, he says.
  • (
  • There had to be a better way for students to learn the instrument, he thought. Perry eventually stopped teaching guitar and went to college.
  • (Dothan Eagle)
  • The music man here, the way that he takes time with the kids, the way that he reaches them — not everybodys got that kind of patience with kids, the 66-year-old minister says. Children, the reverend thinks, should learn to play a musical instrument.
  • (MetroTimes)

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