Saturday, February 25, 2012

Latina chefs

  • MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — A decade after Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez helped Latin music explode into the mainstream, Latina chefs are doing the same for food.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • an ode to Thanksgiving as prepared in the kitchens of Latina Mercedes Ruehl Today, about 25,000 of Americas 135,000 chefs are women. They are also managers, restaurant owners and sommeliers, and Los Angeles is at theforefront of the trend.
  • (American Reporter)
  • A Latina dancer found my brother-in-law Robin and then smashed Daniel Back, the executive pastry chef of the Diamond Hotel, has created mouth-watering cakes and pies with fresh fruits and nuts.
  • (
  • A Dia de San Valentin dinner will be served Feb. 11 through 14 at Alegria Cocina Latina, 115 Pine Ave Broadway.
  • (Gazette Newspapers)
  • La Latina is a small Venezuelan arepera (arepa joint Linda Bladholm is a Miami food writer and personal chef who blogs at
  • (Miami Herald)
  • His father, Pha Huynh, worked his way up to become an executive chef, then opened his own restaurant But his favorite example of that trap is a Latina employee who started as a dishwasher.
  • (Denver Post)
  • is flattered to be compared to the Latina Miss Universe but hopes to be recognized for being herself and not somebody else. Nicole Schmitz was born in Sydney, New South Wales on June 28, 1988 to German retired chef Udo Schmitz and Filipina salesperson Leilani Maturan.
  • (Malaya - Online Edition)

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