Saturday, February 25, 2012

Koch brothers obama

  • Charles and David Koch fired back at Obama after his campaign attacked them in an email earlier this week.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • President Obamas campaign seems to blame the Koch brothers for high gas prices, as his campaign manager attacked the oil magnates for jacking up prices at the pump and faulted Mitt Romney for participating in an event sponsored by an organization that they fund.
  • (Daily Oklahoman)
  • Oil magnates Charles and David Koch are firing back at President Obamas reelection campaign over a fundraising letter tying Mitt Romney to their business interests.
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  • Earlier this week, the Obama campaign sent a fundraising email to supporters taking aim at the Koch brothers, the right-wing billionaires who have become bogeymen of the left.
  • (Atlantic Online)
  • Nothing new here. Remember, O's very first campaign ad of the year was also aimed at the Kochs. Until the GOP chooses a nominee, the Emmanuel Goldstein brothers will have to do as the designated root of all political evil.
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  • His advocacy of the oil, gas and coal industries would also be a major boon to the Koch brothers' many energy interests.
  • (Nation)
  • Along with the entire Fox News enterprise, the Koch brothers became integral parts of the permanent conservative campaign to delegitimize Obama right from the inception of his presidency and to mercilessly demonize him as an enemy of liberty.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Days after the Koch brothers'-funded PAC released an ad critical of President Obama and Solyndra, Obama's re-election campaign has released its first TV ad to fight back. As The Caucus reports, "The Obama campaign responded hastily.
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  • On an Obama 2012 conference call on Tuesday, a senior campaign official said: "[T]here was a meeting with the Koch brothers and a number of special interests a couple weeks ago in which additional commitments by special interests to flood the airwaves were secured.
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