Thursday, February 2, 2012

K'naan mitt romney

  • Recording artist K'NAAN is slamming Mitt Romney over using the song "Waving Flag" in his campaign to earn the Republican presidential nomination. Romney played the song in his speech Tuesday evening following the Republican primary in Florida.
  • (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Throughout Mitt Romneys campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he has been quoting America the Beautiful and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance along with his supporters.
  • (MTV)
  • Mitt Romney, the current frontrunner in the Republicans endless -- and endlessly nasty -- presidential primary, has spent the past few months throwing red meat at the party base.
  • (S spinner)
  • Mitt Romneys campaign will stop using the song Wavin Flag by rapper KNaan after the Somali-Canadian music artist said he was dismayed the campaign had played the tune at Romneys Florida primary victory party on Tuesday.
  • (

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