Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Justin bieber bodyguard

  • Dont you know that messing with the Biebs means messing with the whole posse?! Justin Bieber was reportedly trying to leave Los Angeles International Airport today when an aggressive photographer refused to get out of the way.
  • (Entertainment Online)
  • Justin Biebers bodyguard -- a former Israeli soldier -- just laid the smackdown on an overly aggressive paparazzo -- not ours -- at LAX airport moments ago according to sources connected with the Biebs.
  • (TMZ.com)
  • (TMZ) Justin Biebers bodyguard put down an over-agressive photog with one serious haymaker at LAX Monday afternoon and the whole melee was caught on tape.
  • (antiMUSIC)
  • Check out a video of the fight UPDATE: TMZ has video of the fight which you can see below. The site also says the photographer was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon, which is a felony.
  • (411mania.com)
  • A former Israeli solder who is working as Justin Biebers bodyguard knocked out a paparazzo who tried to get physical with him.
  • (411mania.com)
  • If youre gonna stand right in the way of Justin Biebers car at an airport and snap photos, refusing to get out of the way despite repeated honks, well, someone isnt gonna take too kindly to it. And, it seems, you might get punched and then arrested.
  • (Digital Journal)
  • Justin Biebers bodyguard has been filmed fighting with a paparazzo, holding him in a headlock and punching him in the face.
  • (ninemsn)
  • Justin Bieber is so famous and popular that even his hair Later on, they (the strands of hair) went on a tour of the US, on which they actually had their own bodyguard.
  • (Softpedia)
  • A paparazzo trailing Justin Bieber was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon -- but not before being knocked out by The Biebs bodyguard.
  • (Dose.ca)
  • One look at Royal, and you wouldn't guess he holds a love of all things comics and gaming: the over 6-foot-tall, 46-year-old, tattooed, bodyguard-built new Main you think I was putting in a Justin Bieber museum. I've been getting great feedback.
  • (Patch)

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