Friday, February 10, 2012

Josh Powell

  • Josh Powell told his 7-year-old son he had a surprise for him moments before attacking and killing him and his 5-year-old brother, according to the state social worker who was supposed to supervise a visit between Powell and his sons.
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  • Josh Powells sister had once suspected him of murdering his missing wife, but now – despite killing his two sons in a fiery explosion – she believes he had nothing to do with Susan Coxs disappearance.
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  • OLYMPIA, Wash. - A state senator says police in Utah sent a warning to Washington state authorities about the welfare of Josh Powells two young sons several days before he killed them and himself in an inferno. State Sen.
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  • A 911 call made by a social worker on the day there was an explosion at Josh Powells home revealed not only the womans terror for the two young boys killed by their father, but police delays also.
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  • LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When Elizabeth Griffin-Hall took Braden and Charlie Powell to see their father, Josh Powell, last Sunday, the boys were excited to go as usual. Until that day, she had only ever witnessed a man who loved his sons.
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  • Josh Powell, who was suspected in his wife's disappearance two years ago, and then blew up the house with himself and his two children inside this past weekend, apparently was a troubled child who threatened and abused his mother.
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  • Westboro Baptist Church, which has gained widespread notoriety for publicly opposing homosexuality -- most notably by picketing military funerals, has a new target.
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  • Saturday at the Life Center Church in Tacoma. The boys died Sunday after their father , Josh Powell, blew up their Pierce County home.
  • (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

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