Friday, February 10, 2012

Josh Powell

  • Before Josh Powell was going to try to win back custody of his children last week, Washington state authorities received materials from Utah police that had been discovered on a computer in Powells home two years ago.
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  • Josh Powells sister had once suspected him of murdering his missing wife, but now – despite killing his two sons in a fiery explosion – she believes he had nothing to do with Susan Coxs disappearance.
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  • Josh Powell told his oldest son he had a "big surprise" for him moments before he attacked his two boys with a hatchet and started a fire that killed them all.
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  • "She's delusional, obviously," Kirk Graves, who is married to Josh's other sister, Jennifer Powell Graves, exclusively told "I probably wouldn't think much of it (the interview) after what she's said in the past.
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  • OLYMPIA, Wash. - A state senator says police in Utah sent a warning to Washington state authorities about the welfare of Josh Powells two young sons several days before he killed them and himself in an inferno. State Sen.
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  • Westboro Baptist Church, which has gained widespread notoriety for publicly opposing homosexuality -- most notably by picketing military funerals, has a new target.
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  • Josh Powell, who was suspected in his wife's disappearance two years ago, and then blew up the house with himself and his two children inside this past weekend, apparently was a troubled child who threatened and abused his mother.
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