Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremy lin

  • MINNEAPOLIS -- In his first three starts, Jeremy Lins out-of-nowhere emergence all but saved the New York Knicks season. In his fourth, his teammates returned the favor. Lin hit a free throw with 4.
  • (San Jose Mercury News)
  • When The Garden is full and the right moment hits, it sounds like a riverbed canyon during spring thaw. The roar is deafening, and it rebounds from wall to wall, off the rafters, and into your face with tangible force.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • But seriously, folks, getting back to Jeremy Lin So many thoughts come to mind as the man from Palo Alto takes the NBA by storm. Among them: -- Take a serious look at the pockets of fandom, wherever Lin goes.
  • (San Francisco Gate)
  • In the middle of the third I found out that Whitney Houston died. I always hated Bobby Brown for ruining her career. Just think about this: I Have Nothing. I Will Always Love You. The National Anthem at Super Bowl 25.
  • (
  • Its a good thing Metta World Peace can advise the young Jeremy Lin on fashion, because thats as far as his expertise goes these days.
  • (
  • From Palo Alto High to Harvard, from Ivy League hoops to the NBA. From the Warriors, where he was considered a novelty, a vanity project of the impetuous new owner, to a brush with the Houston Rockets to, finally, the New York Knicks.
  • (Contra Costa Times)
  • Can the Jeremy Lin-Yao Ming comparisons begin in earnest after Lin's stunning 38-point scoring clinic against the Los Angeles Lakers Friday night? Probably not.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • Jeremy Lin is NBAs feel-good phenom that has long been missing.
  • (
  • Can Jeremy Lin fix the Eurozone debt crisis? Who put sports in my Twitter again? Wow, just wow. Wow, indeed.
  • (CBS News)

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