Sunday, February 19, 2012

Islamists tunisia

  • In Tunisia, the Islamists Al Nahda Party emerged victorious with 41 per cent of the votes. Perhaps the most 'worrying' success was that of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
  • (Gulf News)
  • TUNIS, Feb 17 (Reuters) Tunisian police fired tear gas today to disperse hundreds of conservative Islamists who poured out of a mosque after noon prayers calling for an Islamic state in the Mediterranean holiday spot now governed by a moderate Islamist party.
  • (Deepika Global)
  • Wajdi Ghonim, an Egyptian Islamist preacher, has recently visited Tunisia, where he gave a series of religious lectures. His visit has been the centre of a heated debate on citizen media.
  • (Global Voices
  • Less than two months after Tunisias Islamist-led government took office, successive visits by radical clerics have heightened fears among Tunisians that hardline version of Islam was allowed to spread across the country.
  • (Middle East Online)
  • Buoyed by electoral successes of their counterparts in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, Islamists in Algeria are predicting major wins during the election.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Nahda, the Brotherhood chapter that won Tunisia's election, supported the nomination of a non-Islamist president yet kept key ministerial portfolios. Egypt's Ikhwan are proposing a similar arrangement.
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  • Well, it is not quite so.
  • (AINA)

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