Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How i met your mother

  • S7E15: How I Met Your Mother is a show that loves to have fun with story structure. This week's episode, "The Burning Beekeeper," mimics the three stories formula the show has used in the past—notably, on the Season 2 episode "Brunch.
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  • Now that I've used gouda in a headline, I'm pretty sure life has nothing else to offer me. But if there's anything, it would be the promise of more classic How I Met Your Mother episodes, like the one that aired tonight.
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  • Marshall and Lily had their housewarming party on How I Met Your Mother (Mon., 8 p.m. EST on CBS), and the producers and writers took full advantage of the layout of their house to get creative with their storytelling technique.
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  • LOS ANGELES -- The mysteries that surround the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother extend to co-creator Craig Thomas office on the Fox studio lot.
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  • Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City.
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  • The Hasty Pudding honors have been a tradition for Harvard University for quite some time, and this weekend How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel received a rather rare honor -- the opportunity to be tributed by this group.
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  • Weve heard quite a bit about some of the episodes that are coming up on How I Met Your Mother later this season -- but strangely, much of Monday nights episode (entitled The Burning Beekeeper) has been kept under wraps.
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  • Neil Patrick Harris and the rest of his How I Met Your Mother co-stars are in the midst of their seventh successful season, and with just one more to go on their contracts, could the popular CBS series be coming to a close? Were signed up for one more.
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  • There was a brief moment in time after Ugly Betty was cancelled when it appeared as though Becki Newton would quickly jump to a brand-new series that might have been a great success. Sadly for her, that series ended up as a summer burn-off.
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