Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy endings

  • Nearly a year and a half after the warm critical reception and prompt demise of Lone Star, buzzy lead James Wolk returns to television with two recurring roles.
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  • NEW YORK — Its never been my favorite month. But January was worse than ever this year.
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  • Happy Endings (airing Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC) might be described as Friends meets Scrubs with a dash of Seinfeld. It merges physical comedy, sight gags and cutaways with Mach-speed zingy dialogue.
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  • Over the years, ABC has proven itself to be an elite network, consistently producing sitcoms that rarely disappoint. The networks latest comedy, Happy Endings, is no exception.
  • (Tufts Daily)
  • Casting bits. Casting bits. Say that like a disembodied voice on the radio. Sounds cool, right? Anyway, on to the actual casting bits, then.
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  • The real-life husband of Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy, who portrayed John the air marshal in the hit comedy, will play Darren, Max and Daves lonely, yet angry landlord. His episode is slated to air in late March or early April.
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  • I didn't even know it, but it's clear what had been missing from the last few episodes of Happy Endings.
  • (A.V. Club)
  • Audiences for independent film have long yearned for more than the deliriously happy endings of mainstream flicks where boy gets doe-eyed girl against an orange pink sun.
  • (Huffington Post)

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