Sunday, February 26, 2012

Halle berry

  • The reports that Halle Berry has backed out of Oscar presenter duties due to an injury.
  • (Monsters and Critics)
  • Olivier Martinez is planning to open a restaurant in Miami.
  • (National Ledger)
  • A decade ago, Halle Berry and Denzel Washington made history when they became the first African American performers to win the top acting Oscars in the same year, for Monsters Ball (Berry) and Training Day (Washington).
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • Halle Berrys ex Gabriel Aubry will not be charged for allegedly assaulting their daughters nanny. Gabriel was accused of pushing his three-year-old daughter Nahlas nanny while she was holding the child in her arms.
  • (Belfast Telegraph)
  • If The Help star Viola Davis is named best actress at Sundays Academy Awards ceremony, lets hope she has a more successful post-Oscar career than Halle Berry, the previous (and to date, only) African-American to win that prize.
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  • Making for one less sight of gorgeousness on the red carpet, Halle Berry has backed out of her slated appearance at the 84th Academy Awards.
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  • It doesn't look like this ongoing battle between Halle Berry and her estranged ex/baby-daddy, Gabriel Aubry, will be over anytime soon. According to TMZ, Aubry is in hot water with the L.A.
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  • The Los Angeles County of Department of Children and Family Services is recommending that Halle Berrys ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, have another adult present during his custodial time with their three-year-old daughter, Nahla, RadarOnline.
  • (Radar
  • 2012-02-14 17:51:48 - Jetset set out to see if Halle Berry is as mesmerizingly beautiful and down to earth as we imagined.
  • (PR Inside)
  • Thats what spies in the courthouses -- where Montreal model Gabriel Aubry and his baby mama Halle Berry have been duking it out in one of the most contentious child custody cases in L.A.s history -- say will probably happen.
  • (Jam! Showbiz)

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