Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gonorrhea untreatable

  • It's not a disease that's been in the news lately, but some scientists say the United States is poised to be hit with a widespread increase in the number of cases of untreatable gonorrhea. And they want you to be alarmed by this.
  • (Houston Chronicle)
  • Gonorrhea is the second-most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease in the United States. But no biggie, right? Its not like its HIV or herpes — you know, one of those STDs that sticks with you for life.
  • (
  • This is a serious problem, said P. Frederick Sparling, a professor of medicine at UNC who co-authored the article.
  • (
  • The arms race between humanity and disease-causing bacteria is drawing to a close—and the bacteria are winning. The latest evidence: gonorrhea is becoming resistant to all standard antibiotic treatment.
  • (Scientific American)
  • In July of 2011, the U.S.
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  • Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is becoming increasingly more widespread, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning that unless something is done, there may be no way to treat this very common sexually transmitted disease.
  • (International Business Times)
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  • (Scientific American)

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