Friday, February 17, 2012

Gentlemen hosts cruise lines

  • On shore days, their option is to go off on their own or represent the cruise line on one of the group tours. According to Alan Benedict, 58 and a Gentlemen Host™ for 20 years, the rules of conduct are clear.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Free to attend and hosted by the cruise line's culinary trainer David Bilsland Both will also have professional dance classes for all levels of experience and gentleman hosts for women travelling alone.
  • (Travel Weekly)
  • It was 2000 and the cruise line had been around for about 10 years Plus, Crystal employs Ambassador Hosts on every cruise; carefully screened gentlemen who are also accomplished ballroom dancers.
  • (Jupiter Courier)
  • Cruise lines might be looking to become more populist but that is an elderly vessel much loved by older cruisers for its stylish teak decking, gentleman dance hosts and deferential service.
  • (Cruise Critic)
  • Gone is the ostentatious British gentlemans club feel.
  • (
  • There are two surprises about this cruise. One is where it went lectures on days at sea and gentlemen hosts to dance with ladies without partners. There were lunchtime grills on the open deck and dinners of up to six courses in the dining room.
  • (Daily Telegraph)
  • What's more, every cruise line worth its sea-salt is in need of people (able and willing to take a turn around a ship's ballroom) many cruises run a "gentlemen hosts" programme to address the gender imbalance.
  • (Irish Times)

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