Friday, February 17, 2012

Flu season late

  • This is the latest start to a flu season since the winter of 1987-1988. Flu season usually starts in December or January. Often, its half over by late February. CDC officials dont know why this season was slow but it could be a combination of factors.
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  • Some seasons it storms in early, some seasons it lumbers in late, sometimes it rages and sometimes its mild. It still could go up, OKeefe said. State numbers also confirm that flu season for most has been misery-free.
  • (Omaha World-Herald)
  • That suggests that the flu season is just off to a late start, CDC researchers say. Interestingly, its only the second time in 29 years that the percentage of respiratory samples testing positive remained under 10 percent through January.
  • (KCEN TV NBC 6)
  • Flu season remains quiet, but health officials have heralded its arrival in Whatcom County and the rest of the country. Health care workers in the county who did not get flu shots were required beginning last week to wear masks around patients.
  • (Tacoma News Tribune)
  • SHERMAN OAKS, Calif., Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While the late start to cold and flu season may have many thinking they beat the bug this time around, Sunkist Growers remains watchful.
  • (Yahoo Finance)
  • First, get vaccinated. Spohn said it isn't too late for a vaccination because the virus could still be circulating.
  • (Daily Ardmoreite)
  • Nearly every year, the flu season begins somewhere in Asia, Schlenker said, and slowly moves East, circling the globe. It usually arrives in Texas by late December.
  • (KSAT 12)
  • One reason is because supplies were limited for some time during that flu season. The vaccine came out a little late, so distribution was late, said Dr.
  • (ABC News)
  • The CDC encourages people to get vaccinated throughout the flu season, which lasts as late as May. According to the CDC, over the course of the flu season, many different influenza viruses can circulate at different times and in different places.
  • (Herald News)
  • He did not have details on a name or age, but did say the child did not get the flu vaccine. Even though its late in the season you should still get your flu shot if you havent already, said Schlenker.
  • (WOAI)

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