Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fcc campaign ads

  • The proposed rule would require broadcast stations to make their political files available on the FCCs website. These files, which include considerable information on campaign ads, are currently stored locally in paper form.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • The Federal Communications Commission should forbid television broadcasters from charging for campaign ads, and we, the public, should peacefully demonstrate outside the FCC offices at 445 12th Street SW, in Washington, D.C., until it does so.
  • (Truthdig)
  • Theres a lot of campaign money there I asked skeptically. The FCC says that radio and tv stations cant refuse to run political ads even if the station management knows the ads are outright lies.
  • (American Reporter)
  • A decision was issued by the FCC after 5 pm on Friday evening in a matter involving Mr. Terry and a TV station in Chicago. The FCC ruled that the station was within its rights not to run Mr. Terrys ad.
  • (
  • The contents of the political file must be included, since that information is necessary for the public to know the truth behind who is funding campaign ads.
  • (Broadcasting Cable)
  • CINCINNATI -- A fellow Republican challenging House Speaker John Boehner has aired a campaign ad featuring graphic images of aborted bodies of babies murdered by abortion on stations with FCC licenses, Lewis said.
  • (WLWT 5)
  • By FCC regulation, television stations have to sell advertising But it will also lead to a more scattershot approach. Devine pointed out that campaign ads normally "aggregate around news, early day shows, [and the] fringe of primetime.
  • (Daily Beast)

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