Sunday, February 26, 2012

Face recognition

  • An interactive billboard at a London bus stop can scan your face and determine if youre a man or a women by using facial recognition technology. The display then plays one of two messages based on that information.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Face recognition is something that people have difficulty with. For people with autism, the process of face recognition is much harder. A popular theory states that the difficulty in facial recognition starts from childhood.
  • (Int'l Business Times)
  • A new face recognition ad will only reveal its full contents to women. It uses a high-definition camera to scan peoples faces, detecting their gender with an apparent 90 percent success rate.
  • (engadget)
  • In Berlin, Hong Kong and Milan, the world's major mobile phone manufacturers have announced their latest handsets this week. Now offering everything from face recognition to your own private sommelier, the market has never been more dynamic.
  • (Daily Telegraph)
  • For Gessen, this was a jolt into what she came to recognise as contemporary Russian reality; it shook her out of a privileged existence into a recognition that the as much without a soul as without a face.
  • (Financial Times)
  • PERTH: A dot-sized part of a face may soon be all that is needed to identify a person, according to an Australian face recognition expert.
  • (Cosmos)
  • Professor Mian said by incorporating numerous images of a person from different angles into a system, these could possibly be used to later identify that person by just a small section of their face.
  • (WA today)
  • Face: Recognition based on facial characteristics such as tattoos, marks, scars and other visuals. Associated with identification cards. Fingerprint: Recognition based on differing patterns on the prints of fingers.
  • (Maryland Community Newspapers Online)
  • Female veterans say they face a lot of challenges their male counterparts dont. Monday was Veterans Recognition Day at the state capitol.
  • (Metro News)
  • A street advert which uses facial-recognition technology to tell men from women is to be used for the first time.
  • (Daily Mail)

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