Friday, February 17, 2012

Cops Recruit Robbers

  • In Denmark, police think they might have the answer: Turn to the experts themselves, the housebreakers.
  • (
  • RIDLEY PARK — When Joe Fazzio was a kid, he spent a lot of time making home movies, recruiting his brother a little bit of cops and robbers. Fazzio, 27, is the son of Joseph and Eileen Fazzio and a product of St. Madeline-St.
  • (Delaware County Daily Times)
  • Further, while pundits worry about our alumni, donations, TV revenue and recruiting and councilmen can be fired by voters. Campus cops cannot be fired by their constituents.
  • (American Reporter)
  • However, despite its improvement, Milwaukee still fares worse than average when comparing specific crime types to the national average (e.g.
  • (
  • not the cops or D.A.), rewards for turning in murderers, a texting tip line, and a stepped-up patrol presence through overtime and a few new recruiting classes.
  • (Philadelphia Daily News)
  • We went to Hebron, and visited and talked to Palestinian merchants, and witnessed a level of racist violence that I hadn't even seen growing up as a black person here in the States (laughs), I have to say, and I've been beat by the cops.
  • (Uruk Net)
  • In one computerized bank robbery scenario, shots are fired and a man runs out You have to be aware of everything around you.
  • (Medford Mail Tribune)

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