Sunday, February 5, 2012

Channing tatum snl

  • Channing Tatum eased any jitters he may have been suffering since he was hosting SNL for the first time by tapping into his past as a stripper. Ground rules for tonight are: One, no touching. I can touch you but you cannot touch me.
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  • NFL on NBC is one of the more informative, interesting programs that is infamous for giving we, the football fans, a special perspective on the game.
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  • If there was one thing to take away from Channing Tatum's debut hosting effort on it would have been far more satisfying had he flexed more comedy muscles.
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  • The SNL cast is trying to put Tatums nerves at ease she said your mouth goes dry when you say your name and your lips are stuck to your teeth, Channing said.
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  • Cold Open—A crazy-ass fantasy, brought to you by Newt Gingrich: As Obamas raging socialist agenda destroys the earth, Newt Gingrich (Bobby Moynihan) leads his AdMoonistration to a better future in space. (May divorce be with you).
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  • Saturday Night Live had some serious fun with the Super Bowl last night, as guest host Channing Tatum played Tom Brady, out at a bar on the night before the big game.
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  • PLAY IT NOW: Channing Tatum Rachel McAdams Talk 'The Vow' On-Set Antics where the actor will make his SNL hosting debut alongside musical guest Bon Iver.
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  • Saturday Night Live opened its Channing Tatum-helmed episode with a Sci-Fi sketch parodying Newt Gingrichs claims that if elected president he will build a permanent moon base.
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