Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bill pullman

  • Pullman, who portrayed a U.S. President in Independence Day, will once again take similar role with Snow being his daughter. Bill Pullman and Brittany Snow will have father and daughter relationship on a new NBC pilot, 1600 Penn.
  • (AceShowbiz)
  • Bill Pullman and Brittany Snow have joined NBCs comedy pilot 1600 Penn.
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  • Bill Pullman has apparently run a successful reelection campaign.
  • (New York Daily News)
  • Bill Pullman is going to be president again! There is arguably NO better fictional movie president than Pullmans interpretation of Commander and Chief in the 1997 blockbuster Independence Day and NBC remembers that.
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  • The Jacksonian, Beth Henleys new play, feels like a breakthrough.
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  • "1600 Penn" will star Bill Pullman of "Independence Day" fame as the Commander in Chief. Brittany Snow is cast as the president's daughter and Josh Gad of "Book of Mormon" fame co-stars as the First Son.
  • (Big Hollywood (blog))
  • His daughter Rosy (Bess Rous) visits Bill regularly at the motel, where she meets creepy bartender Fred (Bill Pullman), who flirts with her, and Eva (Glenne Headly), the morally flexible motel worker who thinks of herself as Freds fiancĂ©e.
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  • Bill Pullman and David Lynch delivered a video tribute. Mike Leigh sent along a written one.
  • (TheWrap)
  • Bill Morelock fell into radio as a refugee from graduate school. This was in Pullman, Washington, where Murrow learned how to speak like Murrow. A permanent inferiority complex developed.
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