Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney goldilocks

  • (CNN) – Mitt Romney compared rival Newt Gingrich to the indecisive character Goldilocks Friday, saying the former House speaker couldn't decide whether he wanted debates with silent audiences or rowdy crowds.
  • (CNN)
  • ORLANDO, Fla. – Mitt Romney accused Newt Gingrich of being like "goldilocks" when he complained about debate audiences being too quiet and then too loud within the span of a week.
  • (ABC News)
  • ORLANDO, Fla. -- Former Massachusetts Gov.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Romney compared the Gingrich campaign to Goldilocks complaining about her bowls of porridge being too hot or too cold. Im looking forward to debating Barack Obama. Im not going to worry about the crowd, Romney said.
  • (MSNBC Firstread)
  • At an appearance in Lexington, he offered himself as a just-right Goldilocks candidate, positioned between Gingrich and Romney. One candidate is too radioactive, a little too hot, Santorum said, referring to Gingrich.
  • (
  • Not a good idea," Santorum told the crowd. "Mitt Romney's plan is too timid. I sorta feel like Goldilocks — a little too cold, a little too hot. We're just right.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • Rick Santorums newest analogy for the GOP race: South Carolina voters are Goldilocks, and the candidates are the three bears: Newt Gingrich is too hot, Mitt Romney is too cold and Santorum is just right.
  • (
  • Romney sounded anything but confident as he told reporters On his final lap through the state, Santorum campaigned as the Goldilocks candidate -- just right for the states conservative voters.
  • (Vacaville Reporter)
  • During campaign stops leading up to Saturdays poll openings, Santorum had cast himself as a Goldilocks candidate: just right when compared to Gingrichs too hot rhetoric and Romneys too cold personality.
  • (Philadelphia Daily News)

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