Monday, January 30, 2012

Cancer In Mummy

  • CAIRO -- A professor from American University in Cairo says discovery of prostate cancer in a 2,200-year-old mummy indicates the disease was caused by genetics, not environment. The genetics-environment question is key to understanding cancer.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • I would have lost the love of my life and our sons their mummy. After assessing several good causes he picked national charity the Breast Cancer Campaign which passes every penny on to the most promising research projects.
  • (This is Sentinel)
  • She was wasted to skin and bones, weighing barely 36kg and badly burned from the radiation treatments doctors gave her to try to halt the spread of her uterine cancer.
  • (Independent Online)
  • The Newtons son Teddy died from bone cancer in 2010. Teddy's father Owen said helped to raise £1,000 by organising a Yummy Mummy week and holding a bake sale.
  • (This is Dorset)
  • The Saudi-brokered meetings are due to take place in coming weeks.
  • (Independent)
  • who died in 2009 after a cancer battle. He said: On the night Jade died I took the boys into the garden, pointed at a star in the sky and said, Thats your Mummy. Shes on her way now. They accepted it.
  • (The Sun)
  • Mummy also liked Paulo Nutinis music too The couple returned to Britain and Mrs Phillips underwent surgery for cervical cancer within days. The tumour was too large to remove and so instead she had her ovaries and lymph glands removed.
  • (Daily Telegraph)
  • I've told Lewis mummy has gone to live with the angels and we will have She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year, which spread to her liver and brain.
  • (Isle of Wight County Press)
  • THE mother of a little girl who has travelled to New York for specialist cancer treatment has told of the "heartbreaking As long as she sees mummy and daddy strong, then hopefully that will be enough to take her through each day.
  • (The Press in York)

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