Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Condom recall

  • JOHANNESBURG -- A South African health official says they are recalling 1.35 million condoms given away at the African National Congress partys centenary celebrations amid charges some broke during intercourse and were porous.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • My father recalls the players running away from the mob he was leading Of course SanjaySons will still suppy the standard condom sizes into the Anzac market.
  • (PRLog (free press release))
  • The woman, aged in her 40s, had previously tested negative to the virus. Ms Borg said that the woman did not recall any conversation about using a condom or how the sexual interaction started.
  • (The Age)
  • However they had no idea that I smoked considering I did it with the utmost discretion, Luckyman recalls. On reaching the streets because he was always too high to care about wearing a condom.
  • (AllAfrica.com)
  • Try to recall last night, when you invested time in seducing her 6. Be sure to get rid of the condom To consider yourself Elite, we believe you must hold good values and use morality as your guide in your decision-making.
  • (Transworld News)
  • Patterson, more astute readers will recall, wrote that condom use denied them certain beneficial chemicals in semen.
  • (Eagles Insiders (blog))
  • They were so over, over the top that I recall one episode where Patsy was in Edina's kitchen and that torrid love affair will glisten once more, like a shiny new condom on a seasoned tricks prick.
  • (EDGE Boston)
  • "I WAS 23 years old at the time living in France, doing some crazy stuff in the gay community," he recalls. "When I saw people dying with my partner and can have sex without a condom because of the treatment I am taking.
  • (St. Martin Daily Herald)

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