Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Invasive Species

  • TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Groups representing states and cities in the Great Lakes region on Tuesday proposed spending up to $9.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • There is a war going on in the parks, gardens, ponds, rivers and greenhouses of Britain. At stake is the future of the countrys native flora and fauna.
  • (The Guardian)
  • As Asian carp and zebra mussels force native species out of their habitats across Minnesota, University of Minnesota professor Peter Sorensen hopes to bring a research center to campus to gain a better understanding of invasive species.
  • (Minnesota Daily)
  • Americans hunted many valuable and delicious animals like the beaver, turkey and bison until they were wiped out in many areas. Yet, fur-bearing and edible invasive species now run rampant, damaging native North American ecosystems.
  • (msnbc.com)
  • This editorial appeared recently in the Orlando Sentinel. The new federal ban on importing Burmese pythons and three other snake species is welcome, but too limited and too long in coming.
  • (The Ledger)
  • St. Paul, Minn. — Minnesota may step up its efforts against invasive Asian carp using Outdoor Heritage Funds, one of four legacy amendment funds.
  • (Marketplace.publicradio.org)
  • With the advent of globalization, people sometimes forget that it is often best for animal and plant species to remain in their original habitats.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • WINDSOR, Ont. — Almost 6.3 tonnes of Asian carp, an invasive species no one wants in the Great Lakes, has been seized at the Windsor-Detroit border in the last three weeks.
  • (The Vancouver Sun)
  • Its also an object example of the need to reform the governments practice of dealing with invasive species. Instead of preventing problems, it only reacts to them. Pythons have been wreaking havoc in the Everglades for years.
  • (Orlando Sentinel)

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