Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook comment world record

  • Facebook one of the world's most valuable companies. "We're not going to participate in IPO-related speculation," said Jonny Thaw, a spokesperson for Facebook, via an email to us.
  • (AllFacebook)
  • What we thought might be only for kicks turned out to , what could eventually, be a Guinness World Record or on the Fit as a Family web page and on Facebook .
  • (Albany Times Union (blog))
  • Today, some make a similar joke: it did not happen unless it is posted on Facebook. For those who view all of this and some will reply with comments and likes. Simply, I have been trained to see the world in terms of what I can post to the Internet.
  • (Atlantic Online)
  • To you aspiring musicians you might have a fan page on Facebook – tons of it to the demo CD you send out to record companies. Reviewers can get information about you from your site and, in turn, you can post comments they print.
  • (Examiner)
  • When asked by The Register about the - among others - .com, .org, .net and registration of fBoriGin, the worlds biggest social network declined to comment.
  • (The Register)
  • Having spent record-breaking keen to insert themselves in a Facebook or Twitter conversation about the products and services they sell.
  • (BusinessWorld Online)
  • 11 (Bloomberg) -- A public stock offering this year by Facebook Inc., the world's most-used social-networking largest initial public offering for an Internet company on record, a person familiar with the plans said last year.
  • (Businessweek)

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