Thursday, January 12, 2012

High-tech cop car

  • Its not every day that a Los Angeles Sheriffs Department cop car is on the floor of a Vegas casino.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • LAS VEGAS — The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department wanted the best in-car technology available. They put out bids, and up popped Raytheon — which has a rich history working with the U.S.
  • (Wired News)
  • Those antennas still work despite the counterfeiters' high-tech efforts. The Secret Service made 3,028 counterfeiting Park in which police found nearly $1,500 in fake bills in the car in which she was a passenger.
  • (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A high-tech helicopter has helped Sheriff Kevin Walsh chase A town-approved $12,000-a-year contract with a grocery chain pays for one of Kelly's five patrol cars.
  • (Times-Leader)
  • This way they can do it on laptops or iPads in their cars and stay in the street. Anything that keeps them out of the station and on the road, moving from one job to another in a proactive way, makes sense.
  • (New Zealand Herald)
  • Many police, including beat cops, now routinely carry assault rifles grants reads like a defense contractor catalog. High-tech gear fills the garages, locker rooms and patrol cars in departments across the country.
  • (Common Dreams)
  • What George Martinez failed to notice was that the cop cars were parked in the middle of the stolen car had it not been for his parking stunt. They used the high-tech camera on their cars dashboard and the clear audio to identify the suspect.
  • (
  • When he was younger, Greg Winchenbach, of Jefferson, built up his 1983 Chevy pickup truck so much that the local cops shut him down He enjoys representing Maine.
  • (Kennebec Journal)
  • If all this iron-mongering meant only a lower price for the cars, it wouldnt be worth the ink Feel free to cane this engine like youre an angry Singapore cop. Slap the six-speeder around. It wont mind.
  • (Wall Street Journal)

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