Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook Films

  • Users can either pay by PayPal or credit card—but not Facebook Credits. Lionsgate described the film, which stars Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, as full of intense action and explosive stunts.
  • (PC Magazine)
  • Google and Facebook are among Internet companies that object to companies such as Google share responsibility for curbing the distribution of pirated films and television shows.
  • (Bloomberg)
  • More than 50 percent of the companies measured had employees playing Zynga Inc. games on Facebook, taking up about 5 percent of social-networking bandwidth.
  • (Businessweek)
  • The film from Lionsgate will be available for $3.99 for a 48-hour rental on the social networking site.
  • (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Fandor on iPad gives members access to Fandors curated library of over one thousand independent and international films and makes it easy to share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • (PR Inside)
  • I personally feel that it is inappropriate for a teacher to require students to join Facebook. As a parent, I would have a problem with this, as I do when teacher requires my children to watch movies/films that I feel are inappropriate for them.
  • (New York Times)
  • Facebook has become a daily destination for hundreds of millions of people, Warner Brothers Digital Distribution President Thomas Gewecke said in a statement. Making our films available through Facebook is a natural extension of our digital-distribution efforts.
  • (Deccan Herald)
  • on Facebook's new Social Cinema, where users will be able to interact with the film in a variety of ways including sharing clips and quotes with friends.
  • (Movie City News)
  • Mr. Ettlinger allegedly posted an advertisement offering to distribute a film with quite a graphic name that depicted a naked female minor lying on her back, said Assistant District Attorney David Deakin. Prosecutors said the girl seen in the video was not a student.
  • (Abington Mariner)

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