Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Todd akin rape

  • Claire McCaskill hits Todd Akin with ads featuring raped women

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill took aim Wednesday at Republican challenger Todd Akin with a new series of TV ads featuring rape survivors outraged by Akin's remark about "legitimate rape" and his opposition to ...

  • NFIB, a Mainstream GOP Group, Backs Akin

    Todd Akin in his bid to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill after he made disturbing comments about "legitimate rape," and so far they've stood by their word—until now.

  • Two months after controversy, Akin's campaign reaping cash, rape threats

    LOUIS • Congressman Todd Akin's national notoriety since his "legitimate rape" comment has spawned campaign contributions totaling more than $1 million, much of it in small donations from around the country.

  • Todd Akin, Of 'Legitimate Rape' Infamy, May Still Win Senate Seat

    Todd Akin's assertions about "legitimate rape" and his subsequent denunciation by many Republicans, one thing remains true about his bid to topple Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill: He still has a strong chance to win.

  • Claire McCaskill On Todd Akin's Rape Comment: 'It's What He Believes That's ...

    I believe a rape victim should be allowed to have emergency contraception to avoid pregnancy. Todd Akin does not. I believe his view is extreme and out of the mainstream.

  • McCaskill hits Todd Akin with new ad, raises 'legitimate rape' remark

    Claire McCaskill is airing a new ad highlighting Rep. Todd Akin's much-criticized remark about rape, moving quickly to capitalize on her Republican challenger's comment as it became clear Tuesday that he wasn't dropping out of the Senate race.

  • Todd Akin and Paul Broun: If Elected President, the Biggest Threat Romney Will ...

    The first member, Congressman Todd Akin, made the statement that he believed that women had the ability to shut down their reproductive system when a rape happens. The second member, Paul Broun, made a comment recently saying, "All that stuff I was ...

  • The Reality of Misguided Concepts

    Behind Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's witless comments in the service of the anti-abortion movement is the idea that some women might claim rape just to obtain an abortion. Given the social stigma imposed on rape victims, the anti-abortion ...

  • Democrats nationwide run against Todd Akin

    Democrats are running hard against Todd Akin in Missouri - and in Washington state, New York, Arizona and California. The Republican Senate candidate whose comments about "legitimate rape" caused a stir in August has become Democrats' favorite ...

  • Missouri Senate Race Update: Claire McCaskill vs. Todd Akin

    Akin made a reference to "legitimate rape" in August and said McCaskill wasn't very "ladylike" in their debate a couple weeks ago, but residents seem to be forgiving in this traditionally conservative state.

  • Feds paid $40M to firms tied to McCaskill's spouse

    Claire McCaskill is taking aim at Republican challenger Todd Akin with a new series of TV ads featuring rape survivors upset about Akin's position on emergency contraception.

  • Democrats get smart, use Todd Akin as poster boy for Republican Party

    When Akin said it was perfectly reasonable to ban abortion in all cases, including rape, because women have magic lady parts that can detect legitimate rape sperm and "shut that whole thing down" to prevent pregnancy, Republicans tripped all over ...

  • Akin Raised $1 Million

    Ever since Todd Akin drove away the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and even Karl Rove's Crossroads super PAC, with his "legitimate rape" talk, the Senate candidate from Missouri has raked in $1 million ...

  • Lulli Akin compares treatment of husband by GOP bosses to 'rape'

    Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) speaks at a campaign rally in Nixa, Mo., on Tuesday. Lulli Akin, the U.S. Senate candidate's wife, has compared his abandonment by party bosses to rape. In an interview with "The National Journal," she first described the move to ...

  • McCaskill hits Akin for "legitimate" rape comment

    (CBS News) With the deadline officially passed for Republican Todd Akin to drop his Missouri Senate bid, incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill is out with a new ad targeting the candidate for his controversial comments about "legitimate rape" and other ...

  • McCaskill ad hits Akin over emergency contraception

    "While Claire's been a firm and compassionate advocate for survivors of sexual assault, Todd Akin's extreme belief that survivors of rape and incest should be denied access to emergency contraception simply goes too far," Caitlin Legacki, a McCaskill ...

  • Akin stresses he will cut government

    ... freedom: During an interview with the News-Leader editorial board Monday, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri) told voters that he is "aware of the urgency of what's going on in Washington DC and the abject failure of the economic policies of this ...

  • Todd Akin's mind stuck in pre-enlightened era

    Akin, last heard revealing the existence of a previously unknown mechanism in the female body that shuts down contraception in the event of "legitimate rape," might want to pen himself a reminder to not talk about women again, ever. This latest gaffe ...

  • The Two Worst Experts to Ask About Todd Akin's Rehabilitation

    Todd Akin said something stupid when he uttered the words "legitimate rape," and after at first being shunned by the Republican Party, he is being welcomed back.

  • Akin: Let's 'take back Senate for Republicans'

    Todd Akin is climbing in the polls and fighting to win a valuable seat in the Republican race to take control of the Senate.

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