Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Todd akin legitimate rape

  • Claire McCaskill Ads Feature Sexual Assault Survivors Speaking Out Against ...

    Todd Akin's (R-Mo.) controversial comments about "legitimate rape," releasing three new TV ads on Wednesday that feature testimonies from sexual assault survivors.

  • Todd Akin, Of 'Legitimate Rape' Infamy, May Still Win Senate Seat

    Todd Akin's assertions about "legitimate rape" and his subsequent denunciation by many Republicans, one thing remains true about his bid to topple Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill: He still has a strong chance to win.

  • NFIB, a Mainstream GOP Group, Backs Akin

    Todd Akin in his bid to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill after he made disturbing comments about "legitimate rape," and so far they've stood by their word—until now.

  • Claire McCaskill criticizes Todd Akin's 'legitimate rape' remark in new TV ad

    Delicious. With Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) staying on the ballot in the Missouri Senate race, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) has released a pair of new TV ads, including a spot that references Akin's August comment that "legitimate rape" rarely causes ...

  • Two months after controversy, Akin's campaign reaping cash, rape threats

    LOUIS • Congressman Todd Akin's national notoriety since his "legitimate rape" comment has spawned campaign contributions totaling more than $1 million, much of it in small donations from around the country.

  • Missouri Senate Race Update: Claire McCaskill vs. Todd Akin

    Akin made a reference to "legitimate rape" in August and said McCaskill wasn't very "ladylike" in their debate a couple weeks ago, but residents seem to be forgiving in this traditionally conservative state.

  • McCaskill hits Akin for "legitimate" rape comment

    (CBS News) With the deadline officially passed for Republican Todd Akin to drop his Missouri Senate bid, incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill is out with a new ad targeting the candidate for his controversial comments about "legitimate rape" and other ...

  • The Reality of Misguided Concepts

    My students do not have to worry about bride-napping, but they have to be concerned about a male culture of sexual entitlement and misguided concepts like "legitimate rape" from the likes of Todd Akin and Governor Bob (Vaginal Probe) McDonnell.

  • Akin seeks to move past "legitimate rape" controversy

    Claire McCaskill in the first debate of Missouri's hotly-contested Senate race, Republican candidate Todd Akin on Friday sought to move past his comments on "legitimate rape" that have significantly hurt his campaign. "I don't believe this election ...

  • The Bible Teaches Legitimate Rape; God Also Kinda Pro-Choice

    But O'Donnell's interpretation is essentially correct, Deuteronomy is drawing a distinction between different types of rape that is almost exactly the same as the one Todd Akin drew (between "legitimate" or "field" rape, and rapes that never happened ...

  • Democrats nationwide run against Todd Akin

    Democrats are running hard against Todd Akin in Missouri - and in Washington state, New York, Arizona and California. The Republican Senate candidate whose comments about "legitimate rape" caused a stir in August has become Democrats' favorite ...

  • Feds paid $40M to firms tied to McCaskill's spouse

    The ads refer to Akin's August remarks about women having a biological defense against pregnancy in cases of what he called "legitimate rape." They also reference a separate August interview in which Akin said he considers the morning-after pill to be ...

  • McCaskill Hits Akin for 'Legitimate Rape' Comments in New Ad

    When Republicans started calling for Todd Akin to bow out of the United States Senate race in Missouri last month, Senator Claire McCaskill, his Democratic opponent, tried to avoid talking about his "legitimate rape" controversy on the campaign trail ...

  • Senate Candidate Claims Legitimate Rape Responsible for Global Warming

    This new controversy after the comments on legitimate rape by G.O.P. Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri has put the Republican Party on the defensive once again.

  • Men, Women and So-Called Legitimate Rape

    Todd Akin (R-Mo.). I had barely conquered the basics with my youngest about growing more "mature," with a very light version of the birds and bees when suddenly I am confronted with legitimate rape as a concept that needs some explaining. Having been a ...

  • Akin Raised $1 Million

    Ever since Todd Akin drove away the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and even Karl Rove's Crossroads super PAC, with his "legitimate rape" talk, the Senate candidate from Missouri has raked in $1 million ...

  • Democrats get smart, use Todd Akin as poster boy for Republican Party

    When Akin said it was perfectly reasonable to ban abortion in all cases, including rape, because women have magic lady parts that can detect legitimate rape sperm and "shut that whole thing down" to prevent pregnancy, Republicans tripped all over ...

  • The Two Worst Experts to Ask About Todd Akin's Rehabilitation

    Todd Akin said something stupid when he uttered the words "legitimate rape," and after at first being shunned by the Republican Party, he is being welcomed back.

  • 'Women For Akin' Campaign Features Rape Survivor

    A group of Missouri women, despite Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin's recent claim that victims of "legitimate rape" rarely get pregnant, launched a coalition called "Women For Akin" on Tuesday with the slogan, "We think for ourselves." The web ...

  • Legitimate Rape: Todd Akin And The Case From History

    Commentary | My first impression upon hearing about Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" quote was to interpret it to mean "a valid reason to rape.

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